Write your story?

“Write your story” – that’s what the blank page suggests for me to do.

I'd like to ask you - Can you do that?

Without letting a blink fall, with a straight face, without references from the vast library of stories you have amassed within yourself from all those late night movies, worn-out novels; just You.

Your story? How much is it even yours? Your heart? The lines of your palm? Your sweat beads? How much.. is it Yours? Haven’t they already turned upon you, been faithful to someone else for complimenting them?

Don’t know.

I don’t know.

But, I know I can never write if I end the “yours lovingly, etc” with my signature. A pen name is what i propose, an identity, a weight I can anonymously bear.

Let’s see what letters we amass, what tears we wipe, what smiles we hide and what lives we lead. 🙂

~yours, always yours.